Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sweet of Yesterday...

Its been quite long of me to compose sumting.. Although this hand is already familiar with drawing, sketching, scratching, painting or any other 'ting's but yet not from the way of writting.. Once Im pretty good in it, and Im pretty sure bout that.. hahah!!! hey, what am I bluffing huh.. Anyway, YESTERDAY is a BEAUTIFUL day in my life. It's difficult to explain but I sense it.. I can feel it.. hmm, well although sometimes there's some part dats not really BEAUTIFUL for some moment, but I consider it as BEAUTIFUL.. heheheh


misz hedwim said...

Just another beautiful day in paradise
Sun shining, birds singing
Flowers arching toward the sky
Shamelessly showing off

Staring out my window
Wondering what I am missing
Suspended between here and there
Floating in a daydream

Closing my eyes and inhaling deeply
Nature's presence coming alive
Once more a part of it all
Without ever leaving my room

Mr BOB said...
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Mr BOB said...

dulu,lusa,semalam ,hari ni,dan akan datang!

ayune said...

memang manis,,,,
keep it,,
jgn ilangkan kenangn 2...

masitah_nazir said...
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